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TEAM TRANSFORM (Tarana Khandelwal & Venika Sikka)

Keywords: Air purification, Bio-filtration, Transform, Reduced energy consumption, Public Realm


With constant changes in our environment, from the much dreaded climate change to the depleting water levels, the way architecture is practiced also needs to change, to adapt with these situations. Almost always in constant scrutiny is the air pollution level, a major cause of respiratory conditions. Such is also the case in the metropolitan city of Gurugram. In the last decade, with unprecedented development of the city, the air quality has dropped drastically, so much so that the air quality index does not have the capability to measure these pollution levels. The existing green cover is too less to counteract this problem.

The project, Vera Verto, seeks to purify air for its residents as well as the immediate surroundings. The mechanism used is bio-filtration, using soil as the bioreactor. This mechanism can be easily adapted and replicated for future developments in the city, providing relief to the citizens of the Millennium City.

The idea of Transform is inspired by the unit name itself, where Adaptive means to change. The alteration of the physical form of the building makes it better suited for the ever-changing environment conditions. With so much energy wasted in designing large spaces designed in anticipation of large gatherings, Vera Verto seeks to remedy that by transforming itself according to the needs of the people. Spaces with fluctuating foot fall have been designed to adapt themselves accordingly.

The central location of the project, with a metro station on either side of the site has been the driving force behind developing a highly pedestrian friendly design. The vehicular permeability into the site has been kept to a minimum, to also indirectly influence the vehicular usage of the people. Heavily shaded public plazas are designed right at the entrances, inviting larger throngs of pedestrians into the project.

All these smaller interventions come together to create a partially transformable mixed use urban center in the heart of Gurugram.


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