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TEAM : Geetika Gupta & Barkha Baid



Gurgaon is one of the most fastest developing districts. Two decades back it was not the same. As gurgaon started developing the green places started decreasing with time and huge building came up. As seeing the change in the golf course road of how the green spaces have decreased and keeping that in mind, we tried to incorporate public as well as private green spaces in our project. Also, looking at how haryana culture is dcreasing in gurgaon and there is lack of places where we can authentic haryani food. Our site is in between connecting cyberhub, mg road, sector 29 an d stays busy all day long becasuse of a lot of movement of cars and in and around movement of people. How the there in no proper place for the car and autos around the site. We tried to introduce a democratic spaces connecting the site to differenent activities around the site by creating as a connection between to major road on either side, as we kept it open for the people to get attracted to our site. We tried to create a democratic hybrid building. The building has a double façade. We created a hexagonal shaped pipe sysytem inspired from the spicule of a sponge. For creating a role of light and shadows inside the building. The building consists of shopping centre, hotels, offices, gyms, restuarants, etc. Also, we tried to introduce few spaces which we thought where lacking around the site. Keeping in mind about the traffic a uber/ ola stand and auto satand inside our site by proper stands and resting spaces for them so that it doesn’t creates much kisoks. We also tried to introduce spaces for the vendors who stand outside the metro sation selling food and tried to create a food gully for them selling authetic haryani food which will help in attracting people. As gurgaon has lack of places where we can find that. We created the green places in the form of terrace gardens in almost all the levels in the building in such a way that is there is a democractic space for every area in the building. Keeping everthing in mind, the planning was done accordingly as the sunlight in site is site is bloced from the east side as there is emaar building which is heighted around 21m. So we place the retail part is the lower floors as they require much lesser light. The top floors had hotel room as they require more lights and views.


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