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TEAM : Dipanshu Chauhan & Vansh Dhawan

Keywords: hybrid, connect, democratic, public


The nexus tower is a hybrid building located next to the sikanderpur metro station. The building sits at the sikanderpur junction which is one of the busiest parts of Gurgaon connecting the golf course road and the M.G Road. The hybrid building consists of various functions like a commercial space, retail space, hotel, office and a X-factor. The tower is interconnected to all the functions on different floors and the even the name Nexus means the connection or series of connections linking two or more things. The tower is surrounded by various user groups and has high pedestrian movement due to the presence of the metro station and the local market around it. The x factor of the tower is a “Street Art Galli” which offers space to various groups of people to project their work and sell it. Due to the location of our tower the X factor chosen was the street art galli, the sikanderpur junction connecting various groups of users like the schools, universities, offices and residential lacks a democratic space which could be fulfilled by a space like art galli. The street art galli is located on the ground floor of the tower which is a democratic space and can be accessed by people coming out from metro or the pedestrians. The fourth floor of the tower also acts as a democratic space which has workshops and an exhibition space. The façade of the building is exposed to the sun to prevent the heat gain and glare a skin system is applied on the tower which does not allow the excessive sunlight to pass through it. The skin has a pattern of triangles which is derived from a bird nest and the openings of the triangles varies in size which creates a pattern even with the shadows inside the building. Apart from this the 16th floor of the building has a terrace which has a restaurant & bar, a banquet hall, gym, activity area, swimming pool and offers great views of Gurgaon from the terrace.


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