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KEYWORDS: Sustainability, Identity, Accessibility, Fluid, Art, Interaction, Bridges


Gurgaon, the millennium city of the country, has been a persistent witness to various changes that shaped its course over the years. Being associated with the historically-rich village inhabited by Guru Dronacharya, the teacher and mentor to the Pandava princes to its most recent facet – the high-tech city.

The Golf Course Road connects the MG Road (which houses the popular shopping stops) to the much recently developed Sohna district of the city. Since, it’s a major roadway channel, heavy access and movement is observed in this area. One of the many landmarks that pass along the road is the One Horizon Centre, a space that caters to mixed-use functions combining offices, retail and entertainment. It can be considered a hot-spot amongst the young adult generation, giving the area a set identity. Our project, The Moon’s Crest is located adjacent to this popular landmark, aiming to set an altogether new identity by using a hybrid approach and to add to the lacking feeling of accessibility to all.

The underlying concept behind the form of the building lies in the fluid and wavy nature of the waves that develop in a water body, a form more inviting and indulging with open terraces that stacked together with inclusion of greens, bringing the user closer to nature at the higher vertical levels. The chosen form also indicates that just like a fluid changes its shape according to the vessel and adapts to it, the building aims to do the same, based on the parameters of accessibility. The form sets itself apart from the existing surroundings, a take on providing a new identity to the area, also by the virtue of sustainability.

The project being placed at a junction serves this very purpose – to bring together people from all walks of life and encouraging fruitful interaction. The medium through which this purpose is met is art which reflects in the X-Factor chosen, a free art gallery showcasing artworks from both, renowned artists and non-artists – expressing their views and thoughts through art.

Other functions that make the structure are retail, hotel, office and service apartments. All the five functions exist in proximity to each other on the lower floors, connected through bridges that move both horizontally and vertically. The upper levels hence, catering to the hotel and office functions in particular so that the desired privacy of the users is achieved, which make up a major part of the area distribution among the five heads.

The Moon’s Crest aims to keep the user and their comfort level as the top priority, giving them a chance to break away from the blinding lights of this millennium city.


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