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KEYWORDS: Spatial Comfort, Pollution, Visual Connect


As cities keep developing, they tend to overlook the requirements society needs, to live in a unban city. Not survive, live. Blending a glimpse of comfort into their lives. To enjoy the luxuries of rural areas, while being within the bubble of comfort an urban city has.

What makes a space democratic, is its ability to provide spatial comfort; visually & psychologically. A space that helps users feel comfortable interacting/standing next to a diverse group of people.

The Geminating Braid aims at creating psychologically comfortable spaces amidst functions, to connect the diverse levels of our community, irrespective of creed, cast & religion. The form of the structure emerges from the concept of creating something that is not overwhelming, but at the same time gives a taste of luxury. The tower portrays a sense of public unity while providing privatized platforms for programs. The shell form of the tower helps provide a visual connect/comfort to any user viewing the tower from inside or outside. Its uniqueness within the site/city, helps create this feeling of luxury. The tower also houses ‘The Oasis’, which is one of the x-factor’s that help create a space/spaces that are purified off from the negatives of the site/city. Negatives such as air pollution, noise pollution, busy lifestyles, etc.

The eco-component & form of the tower helps in sustaining the building’s services as well as tackling the urban heat island effect. The facade naturally extracts water from the atmosphere, by creating a pressure change induced by heat. The twisting form of the tower helps cut the dominant winds into the tower.


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