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TEAM : EQUINOX - Ananya Pathak & Mudit Sharma

KEYWORDS: Ecological ,3d printed façade ,Smart windows concept ,Inspiring haryana culture ,Domesticity, Stasis


The first ever design proposed in gurgaon near sector 42-43 metro station named the equinox towers is the building using concept of hybrid architecture having the retail arcade,the hotel,the office and our x factor-the mini haryana,an entertainment hub for inspiring the culture of the city for the people.the space is divided into two parts having area of 7800 sq m on one side and 3900 sq m on the other.

The structure of our building is inspired from pine cone. The large amount of natural light let into the interior is undoubtedly one of the appeals of glass skyscrapers. But this feature also leads to problems of regulating internal temperature, especially during the hotter months when too much sunlight could lead to overheating. To prevent this overheating, we have incorporated the concept of smart windows in our structure which has the potential to vastly improve the energy efficiency of high-rises with glass facades. And perovskites, a mineral consisting largely of calcium titanite, is the material that makes this potential game-changing innovation possible. We have developed windows that automatically turn opaque when temperature hits 60oc, allowing the interior to cool down.

Also the pine cone concept façade is being built all over the two towers to provide sunshade and will be totally 3d printed through ecofriendly materials which makes our structure ecological.


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