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BY Yugantare Sahni

Keywords : Luxury, City within a city, Money-making, Healthy living, Expandable Floors, Sports


The Diamond is a one stop solution for all your needs. A city within a city right here in the heart of Gurugram. The new luxury and entertainment hub of NCR. The Diamond is separated into three different wings each having its unique function. A wing houses the Diamond hotel & serviced apartments as well as the special health oriented entertainment area-“The Sport Arcade”. The upper floors of the tower will exclusively house luxurious serviced apartments as well as the premium suites and penthouses offered by The Diamond Hotel. This tower also houses a public observatory for the beautiful Gurugram skyline and various roof top features such as gym, rooftop pool, rooftop bar & lounge, spa, open air club and many more such luxury amenities. Shop at the Diamond Mall for all yours needs be it luxury clothing or just your normal groceries, we have it all. Relax at a host of lounges that we have to offer at various different levels open 24x7 for the residents and visitors. Dine in at the 24x7 food courts or take a drive in our drive through. Watch movies at the theatre in full comfort or come sit in the indoor garden and be one with the nature. Turning sport into a virtual game: The perfect blend of digital technology and workout to keep you fit as well as updated with the latest trends of technologies in the gaming industry. The entertainment area promises to be a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy your stay away. If your thing is sitting at the bar nursing a martini and watching the beautiful Gurugram Skyline, or just relaxing, shopping, healthy living and playing sports while not even leaving the DIAMOND CLASS LUXURY, it’s there for you. The main feature of The Diamond is the Expandable Floor area that you can use at any point of time at various different levels all at once.


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