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KEYWORDS: triangulation, connectivity, virtual reality


The nature is filled with abundance of elements which not only are distinctive and exclusive for their respective properties but have hidden geometries. Often these formations and properties provide us with inspirations. Quartz is a crystal known for it's heat trapping properties and it's tetra-hedron shaped formation. A tetra-hedron is basically a solid having 4 triangular faces. The project draws inspiration from quartz and uses it's properties to connect nature and technology. Also the structure has been derived from the tetrahedrons. The site for the the project is near 42-43 metro station in Gurgaon. Nature and Technology both are considered to be the biggest commodities of the 21st century. An amalgamation of both these things serves us the solution to numerous problems. Of such problem some are lack of open space and the increasing density of population which leaves us with disconnectivity from the environment. The project includes an ecological park as the x-factor , trying to connect the people of gurgaon with the environment. It includes a VR park, organic zone as well as a walking track.


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