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TEAM : PODULARITY (Shivaansh Mahan Cairae, Shiven Misra )

KEYWORDS – podules, modularity, solar-skin, hydroponic farming, tri–access, linkage


A Sanskrit term meaning “A Nested Structure”, our project aims to create an experience of transition without disturbing the skyline of Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road; catering to the people who make this city what it is while giving the city another addition to its skyline of high riser’s.

This semester we explored HYBRID ARCHITECTURE, studying hybrid and high rise buildings and how they work in harmony, so we wanted to explore and merge the idea of using Podules and Modularity keeping in mind the ecological technology being incorporated in our design, that would cater to each user group and make sure that the access created eases the movement via public means and at the same time promotes it, additionally the traffic generated by our building is kept and maintained in the minus level of our building, promoting pedestrian activities via means of walking, cycling, etc. on ground and upper levels.

The pods have a TRI – ACCESS design that is loosely based on the idea of linking the tri-nodal access keeping in mind the existing demographics of our project (Dis_Place):

· Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

· Faridabad- Gurgaon Road

· Rapid Metro, Gurgaon

By deflecting most of the traffic on our site to the basement of the building we managed to make the driving experience simple at the same time linking both the sides of Golf Course Road. This also let us incorporate the drop off zones in the basement of our project. The metro also plays a very important part in connectivity, as we wanted one of the primary access to our building to be from it, while also incorporating the Hydroponic farming (X-Factor) in it, making it an almost floating sky-garden with the view of the skyline on either side, also making the metro station an ultimate experience for the user.

After deriving the final shape of our pods, we arranged the pods in a manner that will also be aesthetically pleasant to look at keeping in mind the voids in the building giving its iconic shape, hence giving it the name of that of Nested Structure.

As we took, so we gave; adding our ecological elements to balance the harmony of our building to the site, we introduced and explored the method of Hydroponic farming – a water less/minimum method to grow crops and expand greenery, in turn keeping our X-Factor internally cool.

Swivelling/ Shifting solar panels opening and moving with respect to direction of sun, are installed in the skin system of our pods, internally giving the user a glimpse, helping in ventilation and illuminating it, while generating sustainable energy; externally looking like a breathing skin, hence being ecological while looking futuristic.


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