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TEAM : VORONAX (Mehak Madan, Milindh Sony and Rishima Bansal)

Keywords: Connectivity, Pedestrian accessibility, Voronoi, Placemaking,


Nexus Civitas is located on the junction created by the Golf Course Road and Sunset Boulevard Road. The Golf Course Road is a busy road that gets largely high paced traffic with very little pedestrian paths, making it a dangerous zone for pedestrians. So, we chose the junction as our site to enhance the pedestrian accessibility on all four sides of the junction. We hope to set a precedent for future developments to create a more pedestrian friendly environment across the busy roads and junctions. So as to not disturb the traffic movement, the junction was sunk under the site with ramps on all the four sides leaving the flow of the traffic same. The entrance and exit from the site is through the adjoining service roads.

A Voronoi grid was developed after conducting the proximity study at a city and neighbourhood level. The grid was used in spatial planning and placement of the building towers as well. The voids created in our form were also made to resemble the Voronoi pattern.

Our idea was to explore the connectivities to the site and within the site and building. The project will enhance the connectivity at the junction. The main idea driving the project was to connect the neighborhoods through open spaces, pedestrian and bicycle networks. With an agenda to deconstruct the typical notion of having public spaces at the lower levels and increasing the level of privacy as we went up, we tried to provide shared public spaces throughout the built form that connect our various programmatic elements. We have tried to create a seamless experience for the users of the building by giving multiple intersection points, plazas and skywalks.


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