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TEAM MEMBERS : Pooja Singla and Himani Bagga

KEY WORDS : Layers of greenery, Heat island effect , Bio -climatic high rise, Urban fabric, Mobility


The project ‘MIDORI EKAA’ aims at filling up the gaps on the Golf Course Road of Gurgaon , that is the lack of greenery and importance to the pedestrian .The name itself means GREEN.It drives a simple solution with simple form unfolding into a landscape ,offering a unique interaction with the urban fabric and not being bias like Golf Course Road by providing a continuous system of vehicular zone rather adding pedestrian possibilities with edge conditions. There is a rhythm and reputation of the bricks of greenery, integrating local ecologies into the landscape.

The visual centrepiece of the project is layers of greenery adding aesthetics to the structure. The program is inserted within the building’s shell, overlaying a conversation of modern city. It is a green urban valley complex highlighting the concept of merging nature and human space. The roof is split into different heights following the Heat Island Effect. The roofs create open space, insulate the building, cool the surrounding air, and harvest rainwater for landscaping irrigation. Planted grasses mix with native greenery to colonize the building and bond it to the setting. Plants of vertical garden are used as a shade in the building from solar radiation. Plants can cool down the surrounding environment using their evapotranspiration process and reduce temperature. Rooftop gardening can reduce cooling cost up to 50% and it can reduce about 25% of the surrounding temperature. The green terraces provide amenities and facilities which are interwoven into the lush vegetation and further these spaces offer opportunities for social interaction, leisure, and recreation.

Tree – lined walkways and landscape are irrigated by gallons of harvested rainwater coming from the usage of rainwater harvesting tiles. In addition to this it is a TOD project with all the functions of Retail, Office, Hotel and Service Apartment smoothly connected. Overall the design addresses concerns of shared space and social needs in a contemporary society with urban context providing a new landmark to the heart of the city. This would bring dramatic change to the on-going high rise and bolster the efficiency of upcoming commercial construction in the city.


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