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BY Yudhaan Pandey

Keywords: Motion, Change, Position, Time, Module, Connection, Footfall


Project Metamorphe, a mixed use building designed while exploring all the aspects of ‘Temporality’ with integration of the idea of a building ‘always in motion’. The building is designed to adapt and keep up with the requirements of users. Imagine that you wish to buy a space in the building and you don’t have to decide on which floor or the side of the building you want it, rather you just buy it. And in the future, if you want you can expand by adding modules or reduce according to your requirement.

You can even change the position of your modules in the building anytime you want. This can be done with the help of hydraulic lifts installed in the building with supporting cranes. You can rotate its face in any direction with the help of differential drive mechanism.

The project has been equipped with two central cores and different individual cores to provide the new users a full view and experience of the site or to give direct and quick access to their modules. Standard design of the building is made in such a way to accommodate ‘uniform footfall’.

The name ‘Metamorphe’ itself means ‘Shapeshifter’, based on the fact that there is no definite shape that it retains. Rather it keeps on evolving based on the requirements using the best possible permutation combination.


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