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TEAM: Gowtham Gupta VR & Shubham Kumar

KEY WORDS: restoration, biophilic, interactions, circulation


The life in this period of time has changed from receiving from from nature to the age where we are left with no choice but to preserve what is left. All the fields in this world are aiming at the replenishing and restore what we were given. This is the age of RESTORATION.

This project surfs its way to restore through the ways of introducing BIOPHILIC nodes at its active points in the building. This biophilic restoration is aimed to apprehend every function that has been introduced in the restoring MACHINE.

The site One Horizon Center is popular amongst the age group between 18- 35 years old. Hence the place is modified in order to increase the social interactive spaces and acknowledge informal gatherings. The biophilic nodes play their role in a subtle appearance but an impacting manner to the restoration in the site.

The project also aims at making distant spaces communicate with each other in the form of a CIRCULATORY system induced in the built form. The diagonal elevators play their in attaining such interactions within the premise. The system also aims at integrating the futuristic access points in the site.

This incorporation of the function, ecological response and the connectivity established is been fused in the Machine INTEGRATE


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