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TEAM : Aasheer Bhatia & Vansh Goel

KEYWORDS : Hybrid, user-movement, exposed public floors, varying placemaking, adventurous experience, culture walk


Hive central is our design project which much like its name has taken inspiration from the nature of the movement and spaces created inside a beehive. We have explored how different types of placemaking can take place in various situations on the very same floor. How double height, triple height spaces can affect the nature of the space and explored even further through varying proportions of the area and dimensions of those spaces. The ground to third floors are public floors which have visual connection to each other throughout where the users can see what activity is going on the floors directly above and below them almost no matter where they are. These unique spaces divided amongst these floors incites a need for exploration into the minds of the users and they're bound to want to enjoy the different experience every floor, nook and corner brings. The main motive of this is to maximize pedestrian movement which is lacking in Gurgaon and through our food gully x factor and these free-flowing floors, to give an impeccable walkthrough experience of the different cultures of Gurgaon within the complex.


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