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TEAM : Mansi Aggarwal & Prakriti Joshi

Keywords : Aerial walkway, Divergent futures, Terraces, Connecting Elements, Movement of users


Our unit ECO-FORMS is a relationship between different organisms and their surroundings. This field is innately about connections, creating models and clarify unpredictable and unforeseen frameworks. Gurgaon has seen rise of buildings and how the city is growing in terms of concrete jungle instead of jungle. But after many years of degrading environment people are going back to nature and focussing on how greenery and incorporating in the built form and environment. Gurgaon is dotted with many multi-use building complexes that brings together offices, service apartments, hotels and shops to encourage a constant pattern of economic and social activity throughout the day. In our project there are four divergent futures namely Humans Inc., Extinction Express, Greentocracy and Post Anthropocene, running along two axes of societal conditions and planetary health conditions. The main idea being to strike a perfect balance between the two conditions and create a form which showcases the same ideology. This project is a mixed-use hybrid building where programmes like hotel, retail, business centre and offices come together. The project promotes interactive relations and encourages encounters in the public spaces that vary from commercial, business, and hotel to recreational. Public roof gardens offer tranquil green spaces. The hotel tower offers views over the unfolding city. Terraces are being developed to different places with the conjunction with programs built there. With the incorporation of roof gardens/terraces the main idea was to provide these green spaces with each and every program in order to provide movement of users. These ideas have been developed with the scenario planning. Another main and prominent feature in the building is the aerial walkway as it defines connectivity of the two masses. As the site is divided into two parts so in order to make them appear as one this is the connecting feature. This is a path with green elements and an interesting walk to the other side. This aerial walkway is made at such a height where it travels above the metro rail level providing a great view at the bottom with moving rapid metro running. Hence, this project is built with the ideas in the mind to find a perfect balance and create a building that can respond to the future conditions as mentioned above.

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