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Keywords :Democratic spaces, Green Terraces ,Extrusion


Gurugram Dlf course has been the more of a corporate sector of Gurugram which actually does not provide the area with the democratic space which can be used by the target users .

Extrusio is the proposed Hybrid tower which aims to achieve interaction and flexibility of using the spaces as in common through the democratic spaces . the Hybrid Programme offers the retail , office , hotel and the X factor (entertainment sports and the health club ) which caters as the democratic space as well and providing them the harmonious environment .

Extrusio means Extrude which is basically the evolution of the various iterations of the building .Extrusion of the form has helped in forming more democratic spaces for the user by providing the green terraces which not only enables transperancy at different levels but also interaction and freedom to the use them as common spaces . The programme caters to the provide user friendly environment .

The main aim of the project is to move through the formalism to more of interactive spaces with out the biased hindrances and by integating the programme and the form of the building Our building ensures that there is no discrimination and is open to fulfil the social purposes by integrating democratic spaces .


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