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BY Shruti Boora


Egomaniacal is a term used for a self-obsessed enthusiast.

In recent times we can sense a need for a structure which is self-sufficient to cater the users as well as to cater to itself. It is a programmatically working module which means that the functioning of the structure is dictated by the arrangement of programs which is further dictated by the user comfort.

E.G.O.M.A.N.I.A.C.A.L. is further detailed out while keeping in mind the primary aim:


The above diagram explains how different components of Egomaniacal will cater to Temporality; Eco-friendly behavior, Aesthetics and Narrative based design will add meaning to the structure; Geometrical shapes, Orbital Movement, Ambiguous and linear appearance will enhance the form of the structure and finally Intelligent technology will make the structure more approachable and increases the user comfort.

The quality of being self sufficient is linked with the aspect of Temporality. As the structure is responsible for its own functioning and is built on the basis as defined in the above diagram, it constitutes of 3 main features which are repeated and the structure is formed. The three main features comprises of two elliptical floor plates with the following floor areas: 2000sqm, 3000sqm which are further stacked upon each other in a cantilevered fashion with the help of the third element that is a cylindrical core, a similar arrangement can be repeated at different situations and can be altered according to the changing scenarios.

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