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CYPHIRE: Age of cybernation

TEAM: SB03 (Vaibhav & Sudhanshu)

KEYWORDS : Cybernetics, structural system, diagrid, dynamic, polyvalent


Our project Cyphire is a culmination of cybernetics and structural systems. The building chooses to answer the question of which age are we living it by highlighting the importance of cybernetics and devices that will become a part of human life in the future. Cyphire looks to provide spaces that are dynamic in nature while being fully automated by cybernetic devices. It envisions a world where a space transforms to the needs of the user without the user having to use manual energy.

The name ‘Cyphire’ is an amalgam of the definition of the age (cybernation) and the building’s façade that uses a diagrid system whilst resembling the look of a sapphire gem and its crystal lattice.

Cyphire is a machine that has many working parts, some parts like the polyvalent walkways, the dynamic pavilion use energy to transform themselves to accommodate the needs of the user, while parts like the landscape provide a contrast to the machine aesthetic of the building while provide nature to the user that the site and its context seem to lack. The ponds placed along the building collect storm water and provide a cool environment. Another part that acts as a counterweight to the dynamic components is the building integrated photo-voltaic solar block. The solar blocks absorb solar radiation, they are placed along the facades that receive maximum sunlight, they adjust there location automatically for maximum absorption.

These various parts come together to form this ecological machine that uses these adaptive assemblage of architecture as “Eco-chines” whilst responding to the location in a responsible manner.


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