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BY Pranav Mittal


Curis is Latin for healthcare. This project is based on the idea of how an architectural space affects the health of the occupant. Nowadays everyone has a busy life schedule and don't get time to take care of our health. Also the job stress or the exam stress for students affects the mental health. And as we tend to spend most of our time at our residence or the workplace, here it is focused on how these spaces can have a positive impact on our health both physical and mental. As per the project brief temporality is used to achieve this in a hybrid structure. Everyone has a different level of comfort level, so why to have the same kind of spaces for everyone? This is where temporality helps us in creating different kind of spaces as per the requirement of the occupant under certain limitations. It helps us build spaces which can be readjusted by the occupants at any time as per required. Here the occupant has the liberty to change the area of occupied space, the amount of sunlight entering the space, and the circulation using different methods. As this is a temporal structure, the building is designed as a product and consists of different parts which can be added, removed or upgraded at any point of time, which gives flexibility to its users and keeps it up to date with the ongoing technology. Along with this the x-factor of the project is ‘THE BLACKHOLE’ which is the centre of attraction where anyone can come enjoy their hobbies. This helps reducing in the work stress of a person.

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