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TEAM: Aditya Verma and Dharmansh Jindal


COQUILLAGE is Inspired from a Coral reef with fluid and organic shapes, the overall project presents itself as a great living structure made of two waves dedicated to accommodating the hybrid elements. The project is made of modular units stacked on top of each other. It plans a matrix to build a three dimensional and energy self-sufficient hybrid building.

The 44,130 square-meter project is defined by its curvilinear form, terrace gardens, and skywalks. The striking balance between openness and closeness creates a welcoming gesture at the entrance of the building together with layered terraces and the rhythmic form.

The design is respectful of its environment. The project is built diagonally to the site for providing sun protection. terraces and skywalks which are ideal for landscaping, the privacy of the terraces also varies between outbound areas to encourage cross floor communication and inbound private and public areas.

the laying-out is done in vertically staggered rows which enables to superimpose of the passive blocks in cantilever and to multiply the vision axes towards an endless number of perspectives. Each roof of each module becomes an organic suspended garden.

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