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TEAM: Bhavishan Gill

KEYWORDS: Biophilic, envelope system, age of automation, ecological machine.


The project CONCORDANCE is inspired by the age of automation: faster travel, increased connectivity and efficient management of time. The project, Concordance means the state of there being agreement or similarity between things. It tears away from the traditional block or glass façade stereotype of a building and instead is a free-flowing ecological hybrid space with hotels, arcades and office spaces. The X factor or attraction of the building is an underground hyperloop office and station. The hyperloop is a new form of transportation where pods travel through vacuum tubes close to the speed of sound, enabling short travel times for large distances. Hyperloop is a new transportation concept: transportation pods are shot through vacuum tubes at speeds close to the speed of sound.

Additionally, the envelope system of the building has been inspired by the stomata of a plant, with the principle of osmotic pressure controlling openings in the façade. The openings and closing are influenced by the outdoor temperature conditions maintaining the inner temperatures and humidity conditions through evaporative cooling or transpiration of water.

The system is made out of 3d printed stoma bricks. There are 2 configurations - a 3 monobrick and a 9 monobrick. These are held inside a steal framing system. The monoblock is a closed water system that is responsible like an irrigation system to wetting some parts when humidity is needed. The parts are the porous evaporator and the Vanier door.

Additionally, HEPA filters are used to purify the air.

HEPA filters consist of interlaced glass fibers that are twisted and turned in myriad directions to create a fibrous maze.

HEPA filters are able to trap 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns.

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