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BY Sidharth Jain

Keywords : Social Space, Street, Pedestrian movement, Social Interaction, Solar Radiation


Our unit Eco_Form aims to engage in site constraints, programmatic relationships and movement to create an ecological hybrid building which merges landscape with architecture.

Without any discernible centre or planned urban structure, Gurgaon has become a collection of private islands. With rapid urban growth there is a growing divide between the well developed private residential societies and the impoverished slums and villages. This has caused downgrading and curtailment of public spaces.

In such unorganized settlements streets and pathways become community spaces to gather, interact and celebrate. Introducing open social spaces which improve walkability and blend nature with the city’s built forms provides the city dwellers respite from their monotonous urban life and promotes social interaction.

The convivial street aims to form a stretch of various socially interactive functions and green spaces which enhances social interaction and makes the building dynamic and flexible. The street changes its character as it moves from one programme to another according to the requirements of the programme. The street connects internally at retail levels creating a large open space which enhances the social character of the space and it connects externally at commercial and hotel levels segregating private and public spaces while maintaining the inter-programme connect.

The site lies at an important junction along the Golf course road. It intersects multiple thoroughfares between offices, apartments, malls, and metro stations. Therefore, the spatial organization of programmes on site is based on pedestrian movement and visual permeability.

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