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TEAM: HC02 – ( Anushka Mathur & Kripa Gulati )

KEYWORDS : Post truth | transparency | ecological machine | dynamic


This project is an ecological machine derived from the post truth era - an era that reshapes the thought process and information exchange, keeping in mind the truth and loss of it. In this speculative studio, Cerebrum aims to investigate the future of post truth in a hybrid understanding. The project creates a juxtaposition in showcasing transparency while keeping in mind the privacy of its users. It consists of a virtual media centre, a business centre, retail and office spaces. Located in the heart of the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon, the project’s own programmatic components are influenced from the surrounding typologies. Catering to the futuristic parameters such as air cabs and drone delivery systems, the spaces were morphed into solids and voids in the building. Taking forward Renzo Piano’s thought “Opacity is unsafe, not transparency”, a public loop highlights the transparent circulation throughout the building. Apart from this, an ecological component which focuses on a breathing, dynamic facade powered by photovoltaic panels was integrated into the building. Backed by the sun path and heat mapping, it translates to LED panels showing heat gain inside the building which in turn creates a transparent effect. The final form also represents a dominant feature which was the series of terraces on the upper levels which were used to maximise the visual connectivity of the project with the site.

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