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Team: MS02 (Muskan & Kunal)

Keywords: (Payback, eco-machine, envelope system, drone, hybrid)


The unit started with the question of defining the current age, giving us an understanding of what we actually need, defining it as the AGE OF PAYBACK by finally using technology give back to the nature its share, the term BIOSIS was coined indicating a mode of life. Biosis is a hybrid machine which aims at changing the ongoing mode of life through a regulating panel façade system, integration of ecological pods and an X-factor that is an incubator centre for air purifying drones along with the integration of uber elevate which thus satisfies and caters to both built and the urban context. The site to be built upon is the 42- 43 metro station site stationed in Gurgaon comprising of 2 plots and a metro station with a total site area of 15200 sq. m. Form derivation was done through a parametric approach by taking into considerations site cues and then linking to the defined age. The final emergent form being a hybrid of retail, hotel, office and the X-factor component drew its basic inspiration from the trunk of a tree. The building façade is a hexagonal panelled skin which has moderated openings to allow the air purifying drones to move through it while contracting in places that are solely private.

The site plan was designed keeping the inter relation of the 3 parts of the site forming virtual arc that gives that idea of unification, the machine has 4 levels of access being ground, metro sky bridge and the uber elevate and showcases floor heights of 4.5 m each and placement of the with a total of 85 floors divided into 50 and 35 respectively along with refuge floors, reaching a maximum height of 255 m and covering a total area of 36000 sq. m.


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