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TEAM SHUSH (Khush Anand Gupta & Shrey Gupta)

Keywords : Capsule, Demand & Supply, Growth, Public, Temporal, Voronoi


Great cities across the world have historically been defined by their public spaces. For example-

New York - Times Square

New Delhi - Public Bazaars/Chowks

Singapore - Marina Bay Sands/Gardens By the Bay

All these public spaces are multi-functional and multi-cultural. Such places make one encounter with your ‘inner’ self which is free of restrictions. But lately, due to the rapid increase in population, globalization, and the need for more and more built working spaces, there has been a decline in provisions of public spaces.

A finance-driven city of private players, Gurgaon is one of the leading financial and industrial hubs of India where people from all parts of the country live and work. But, what this modern city lacks are public spaces where people, irrespective of their status, can come together. To tackle this urban problem, we introduce you to Bifrost.

In Norse mythology, Bifrost is a rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity. Our project, Bifrost, located on top of the already built, Vivo Sector 53-54 Rapid Metro Station, aims to bring back the sense of truly public spaces on one of the most commercial stretches of Gurugram, the Golf Course Road. Bifrost would act as a bridge between the private and the public sector.

Following the brief of the studio, Temporal Architecture, Bifrost is a ‘product’ made using an assembly of capsules that can be plugged in or out from the structure based on the demands of the location. The Streets in the Sky element of Bifrost, which extends along the metro corridor, would act as a truly public space, unlike other privatized public spaces, for the people.

A multi-use hybrid building that grows and adapts to the needs of the people based on the demand and supply , Bifrost thinks of itself on top of many metro stations in the city, based on their needs, to make Gurugram a truly public city.


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