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TEAM : Ashi Jain and Megha Singh

Keywords: Birds, Skyscrapers, Hybrid, Connections, Greenramps


Ecological design is an approach to designing products with special consideration for the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle. “Eco-form” is a form of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes. "Ecological architecture has grown to promote that symbiosis in new, creative, aesthetically pleasing ways”. Our project is named as “Avescraper”, an eco-futuristic building. The main agenda of our project is to create a building with is habitat for birds also. Looking up to the current scenario of 2020 full of smoke clouds leading to pollution with no proper pedestrian connection to the surroundings and the building. Here we put forward a proposal of building that will respond to the 2050 scenario with decrease in the pollution by creating green spaces having air purifier in and around the building with proper pedestrian connection and experience of surrounding as well as building. There is a ramp moves around the building which behave like a source to connect the different area programs at different level. It also welcomes the electric bicycles which will run around the site also. The ramp also has greenery around it, all these main elements together create affinity in the person walking through it. All highrise cities grow upwards and outwards, increasing numbers of birds die by crashing into glass buildings each year. And of course many others break beaks, wings and legs or suffer other physical harm. But we can help eradicate the danger by good design. Before designing the building for birds "we imagined that during migration, this is going to be pretty attractive as a stopover, as we walk down an aisle of green. The skyscraper includes a net structure between the built having not only the bird friendly shrubs but also the nutrious insect, twigs, mosses, brush piles and black oil sunflower seeds to attract birds. The size of the grid neither too large size (attract aggressive birds) nor too small (keep desired birds from using the net). We have placed the algae panels on the façade of our building where maximum solar radiation can be achieved. The algae panels helps in controlling the carbon dioxide level, making building sustainable The aim of the building is to focus to generate architecture through engagement in the constraints of program relationships, movement logic, site parameters and ecology. Here the Architectural Design principles are motivated by the ways in which people respond to the quality of the spaces they inhabit.


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