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TEAM: SB01 (Malaika Bagga & Devansh Khera)

KEYWORDS: Hybrid, façade lighting system, Air pollution, Air Purifying Façade, Digital Art Gallery, Urban forest


Autochine is a hybrid built comprising of a vast array of programs being integrated in the building. It is a proposed in the city of Gurugram on the Golf course road. The project defines the age of automation which is reflected upon the digital art gallery that comprises of a projection systems giving the user a chance to experience digital art in a whole new way. Autochine combines the likes of a retail mall alongside a co-working space and a Hotel.

The highlight of the project is the ramp which on the outside of the building which consists of a digital art gallery. The ecological part of the built is the unique façade system that purifies smog and acts as an air purifier which comprises of an advanced lighting system. The lighting system corresponds to the AQI index that monitors the current air pollution levels and illuminates the building façade according the level of pollution.

For the landscaping, Autochine features an urban forest alongside the built, the idea being to neutralise the carbon footprint that is emitted by the building.

For accessibility 2 futuristic accesses have been added i.e. a skywalk access level has been integrated for commuters travelling by metro to directly access the building. An uber air access level is also included to fulfil the need for air cabs in the near future.


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