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TEAM : Gaurav Dua & Gurmer Wadhwa


Assimilation means the absorption and digestion of food or nutrients by the body or any biological system. This ideology is applied within the building as we have attempted to make it a self-sustaining building. The waste that is generated in the building is converted into energy by waste management devices placed around the building, which means that theoretically the waste from the building will not reach its surroundings. The structure is placed at sunset boulevard on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. The area is constantly bound by traffic and includes many restaurants, offices, and housing societies. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the area must be producing a lot of waste already. We have attempted to not add on to that. Our structure is a hybrid which consists of a hotel, offices, and a retail space. The waste management concept is based on a skyscraper placed in the Pacific Ocean that gathers waste from the water body and recycles wasted from a fixed radius in the ocean. We have researched and found out all the waste that is produced in high rise buildings similar to the one we are proposing, therefore we arrived at this conclusion to take a different approach towards waste management. This is still a concept, but the amount of research done and how the designers have worked out the mechanism is tremendous. If this mechanism gets implemented in buildings throughout the world then the possibilities will be endless, and we can make a huge impact towards reducing the carbon footprint.


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