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A building that is a money making machine

TEAM : Mudit Agarwal & Simarpreet Singh

Keywords : Economy, Expansion-Contraction, Money-making, Volume, Sliding-Folding


A Economy friendly project that allows the owner to use the building as a money making machine where every square inch in the building is made to increase the profits of the building. A hub with all the luxury and basic amenities is built over Metro station 53-54, Golf Course Road , Gurgaon. The building gives great services to the users and generates great profits for the user. The volume of the building changes with the use. The volume of the building is maximum when the building is fully functioning with all its aspects and minimum when less in use. It helps to maintain the per square meter rate of the building around the clock. The Narrative on which the building is built- “ACQUISITIVE FABRICATION ” meaning; a fabrication done to make money. The Components provided in the building help the narrative to attain the goal of per sq. mtr earning. The volume of the building is changing using the hydraulic system installed inside the beams which allow a great flexibility in the use of the area. The hydraulic system allows the change in the building area per floor from 500 sq. m. to 700 sq. m. For increasing the flexibility off the users a “Temporary wall” that is a sliding folding wall is installed in every 2 m along the length and its breadth. This allows to increase the scope of the area being used and provides an endless possibility of planning. Temporal architecture allows to maintain the per square meter rate of the building which is the Narrative on which the building is built. The building is a steel structure with expansion and contraction with endless possibility of planning makes the building a “Product” rather than a project.

This multi- functional building with the Components installed in it allows to attain “Acquisitive Fabrication”.


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