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TEAM : Prerna Chatterjee & Simran Suri

Keywords: Collaborative Farming, Urbanism, Communal, Unanimity, Footprint


Gurgaon is the epicentre of urban growth in India. It was once an expansive empty landscape with farming being the key practice. During the growth journey of the city, the farmers were deprived of their lands due to development of urban centres. There was a major downfall in the natural landscape and green spaces, due to rapid urbanisation.

‘Ekya’, (in Hindi) means unanimity or oneness, which is what we aim to achieve with the project, by decomposing the idea of a boundary wall and encouraging flexibility in users through democratic spaces and coalescing them further. Henceforth, a proposal for Collaborative Farming in a hybrid high-rise building to revive the concept of agriculture and generate employment opportunities for the ‘kisaans’ (farmers), by introducing the urban farm culture. This program surfaces as a point of contact between Urbanism and Nature. The program will be intertwined with other hybrid programs and will cater to their needs - the business hotel, the retail and the offices to create a harmonious atmosphere.

The form is an evolution of multiple volumetric iterations through the principles of staggering and rotating the floor plates, based on the growth logic, to create terraces, atriums and open spaces which offer views to the city. The form maximises the footprint of the site by creating multiple entries and by unobstructed access to the built.

The key agenda of this project is to maximise public spaces without biased hindrances and we aim to achieve that by integrating Collaborative Farming with the other hybrid programs and strengthen communal unification through the same.


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